Magnificent Mikvah Opens in Southern Russia
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                  Magnificent Mikvah Opens in Southern Russia

                  Magnificent Mikvah Opens in Southern Russia

                  17.09.2019, Russia

                  Rabbi Yisrael Melamed led a celebration opening a magnificent new Mikvah and the inauguration of a historic synagogue in the city of Astrakhan in southern Russia.

                  A number of events were held this past week in the city of Astrakhan in southern Russia, with the opening of a magnificent new Mikvah built in the courtyard of the synagogue, combined with the inauguration of the historic synagogue that has existed in the city for more than 150 years.

                  The synagogue was recently renovated for the welfare of thousands of Jews in the city through the work of the Rabbi of Astrakhan and Chabad Shliach Rabbi Yisrael Melamed, and with the help of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, and the Or Avner Foundation.

                  The joyous events that continued throughout the day began with moving morning prayers in the beautiful and bright synagogue. Rabbi Melamed was appointed as Rabbi of the city about a decade ago, and since then the Jewish and educational institutions in the city have grown immeasurably.

                  At a celebration feast, many of the city’s Jews gathered in the courtyard of the synagogue, and were excited to see the rabbis, including the vaad of the Mikveh Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Waldman and Rabbi Shomo Palamen and others, who are full partners in the establishment of the elegant and state of the art mikveh.

                  The event was attended by representatives of the government, parents of students in various Jewish educational settings in the community, and local congregants who receive help and assistance throughout the year, as well as many Jewish youths who regularly attend the Torah and Chassidic classes of Rabbi Melamed.